Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hearty Nails: Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show

I refuse to let go of Halloween. I'm the one that watches Nightmare Before Christmas every year, for Halloween AND Christmas if I can.
This song (Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show), this band (SuG), this video (down at the bottom) was what made me start liking this pastel goth thing. When the album (Lollipop Kingdom) came out I got so obsessed the nail art came out practically on its own. In the video you can barely see the gravestones, I had to work with a few screen captures as reference. I also used pictures of the clothing line as reference. [1] [2] million$orchestra OHP

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

Ignore the paint on the thumb, I had a little accident.

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

More evidence of the paint accident. Also here you can see just how long my nails were back then.

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

On the next post I'll put the details of what I painted as my "base" under the main designs, and the list of the things I used; this is what I used for the main designs:

thumb Y- black & white acrylic paint, Claire's Anon blue
index SuG-black acrylic, yellow franken
middle RIP-H&M x Hello Kitty darling Pink
ring YUM- Kiko 389
pinky cross- Kiko 356


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hearty Nails: A9 Rainbows

Oh Alice Nine. The band that gets me back me every time I happen to lose interest in them. Every single time. As it happens, this past week two of my top three favourite bands have pretty much gone to hell (including the one that "helped" name this blog), so I've bounced back to the alices (this only sounds funny in Spanish) by myself.
This nail art is a really very old one, but the song it came from is still one of my faves.

Alice Nine Rainbows nail art

I've got a nail per member (or rather, their outfits): thumb for Nao (drums), index for Tora (left-side guitar), middle for Shou (vocals), ring for Hiroto (right-side guitar) and pinky for Saga (bass and totally my favourite member).

Alice Nine Rainbows nail art

NYC black & white
Stargazer 232 (chrome silver)
H&M x Hello Kitty Turqouise
Claire's Anon matte purple
can't-remember Red
Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
franken grey
H&M Hunt Me Down
Claire's Anon jelly green

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hearty Nails: Purple + silver

Sometimes I feel like using only one colour. Sometimes I feel like using every nail polish of the same colour family. Then for some reason I had in mind that pairing purple with silver would look good, and it does.
Purple and silver nail art

A couple of the designs with  the silver squares I got from a japanese nail art magazine, but now I can't even remember which one it was. The design on the middle finger was a redoing of a manicure I did months ago in mint green and black, but I lost that picture when my laptop died so I want to redo it asap.

Purple and silver nail art

The design on the thumb was inspired by one of Tartofraises' designs, I did it as liner brush practice, and the picture is of the right thumb because for unknown and unexplainable reasons (I'm right handed) it turned out better than the left thumb.

Purple and silver nail art

Silver squares + striping tape Nail Delights
Claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush silver
Essence 58 the one and only
Claire's anon purple
Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
Rimmel 406 Purple Addict
Yes Love N06

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013 (last): Eye half moon

Last Halloween manicure of the year! Posting it barely on time but I've been busy murdering a pumpkin and making muffins with its insides. Hope you had a fun Halloween too!

Halloween Eyes half moon manicure

These were very inspired by how Melissa from The Daily Nail does half-moons.

Flormar 392 (on top of) Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
Essence white tip painter
Yssy 087
Sinful Colors Black on Black

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: Rainbow gradient + sparkle spiderweb

Third Halloween nail art of the year. Actually it was the first but I don't post them in order. Spiderwebs are a very common motive for Halloween, sometimes with better results than other times. I'm not entirely sure of the success of mine this time...(that's why I posted it after the other two I liked better). The gradient was done with the same sponges as this.

Rainbow gradient spiderweb nail art

Claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush silver
Sephora L16 curaçao
Essence 58 the one and only
Kiko 282 (pink)
Rimmel Lasting Finish 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 355 (yellow)
Kiko 296 (green)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: ghosties revamp

For Halloween 2012 I did a ghost nail art on an orange background, which you can see here. Well, this year I revamped it, better.

ghost halloween nail art

I added gravestones and crosses to make it better, because ghosts come from graveyards and stuff.

ghost halloween nail art

ghost halloween nail art

It's not as well drawn as it could be because I drew it with a toothpick, for a change...

Essence white tip painter
Kiko 356
Yssy 084
Flormar U33

Maybe next year I'll revamp it again LOL

Friday, 11 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: Candy Corn gradient

Hi. In case anyone didn't know what day/month they live in, this is October. For anyone new visiting the Internet, October automatically equals Halloween everywhere. Even though it's only really a US thing and on the rest of the world it's just an excuse for kids to dress up in costumes and grown-ups to get drunk, in costumes. But, on the Internet it's celebrated on the whole month (just like Christmas is celebrated through all of December). And since I like Halloween, to me it's an excuse to do themed nail designs. This one today is the simplest I've done/will do this year.

candy corn gradient for halloween

It's a candy corn coloured gradient. Except the french manicure is just normal, not gradient. I made the gradient with the makeup sponges I bought to share half with my friend Sara because we're cheapskates.

candy corn gradient for halloween

NYC White
Rimmel Lasting Finish 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 355

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hearty Nails: More nu goth

This time monochrome isn't black & white like it usually is, but navy blue and silver. I was going to use nail art bullions but I end up skipping them a lot of times because they're just annoying. I prefer dotting in silver, it's so much easier. The big cross on the ring finger is...well, not very straight, let's say, and that's because it's drawn with a toothpick. I have mentioned in the past how I sometimes get lazy to use my brushes (what with them getting dirty and having to clean them and all).

nu goth nails

crosses on nails

(Old) Schlecker Basic Nº 90
Stargazer 232

Friday, 13 September 2013

Hearty Offtopic: Welp update

Mi portátil se murió. Hace como dos semanas ya. Esa es básicamente la razón por la que el blog ha estado de vacaciones últimamente. No es que haya perdido las fotos que tenía guardadas, porque un día tuve la brillante idea de subirlas todas como borradores y ahora tengo como 20 borradores esperando a convertirse en posts como es debido. También tengo fotos de después del "incidente", pero no quiero pasarlas al ordenador nuevo todavía, porque no quiero llenarlo de cosas hasta ver si el de la tienda termina de pelearse con el cadáver de mi portátil viejo para poder sacarle todos los archivos que había ahí.

PERO. Esta entrada no la hago sólo para decir eso, que vale muy bien que aviso y tal, pero hay otra cosa, y es que quería felicitar públicamente a mi amiga Sara. Porque esta mañana según me ha visto conectada me ha saltado diciendo "Felicítame. Soy ingeniera."
Así que eso. Felicidades por acabar la carrera. El día que yo te venga diciendo "Felicítame, ya soy Traductora" te invito a tortitas otra vez XD


So my laptop died, about 2 weeks ago. That's basically the reason why the blog's been "on vacation". It's not like I lost all nail pics, because I had the brilliant idea of uploading them all as drafts one day and now have about 20 drafts waiting to be turned into proper posts. I also have new nail pics from after the "incident", but I don't want to put them on the new laptop yet because I don't want to fill it up before the guy at the computer store finishes fighting all my files out of the old laptop's corpse.

BUT that's not why I really wanted to write this post. There's something else, and that's publicly congratulating my friend Sara because this morning, as soon as she saw me online, she came up to me saying "Congratulate me, I'm an engineer."
So yeah, congratulations on finishing the degree. The day I go up to you saying "Congratulate me, I'm a Translator now", I'll make you pancakes again XD

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Mash of sponging

It's no secret that I love sponging.There is a number of ways in which to use sponges in nail art, from the smoothest gradients to more grainy ones. This one is a mash of random blobs of different polishes of the same colour family.

orange sponge gradient

Base: NYC white
Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 356
Kiko 281
Yssy 058
Essence 64 be optimistic!
Glitter outline: Yesensy Nº 88

pink sponge gradient

Did the same ages ago in pink too, though it didn't end up as nice that time.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Takeru in ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆


This one is very very easy but it's also not "inspired" but directly copied from what Takeru wore on his nails in that video. It's a simple ruffian manicure in black, red and bright pink.

SuG - ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆

SuG - ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆

The black polish is NYC 302, red is SpaRituals Hunk of Burnin' Love and pink is Essence 57 Love of Pink.

Below is the official music video for ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (4)

Continuing the Koichi series started here
This time I didn't really copy his nails, but a t-shirt. I had seen him use this t-shirt sometimes and it got to my head so much I wanted the design on my nails. Then when I was painting my nails I couldn't find a picture of the t-shirt for the life of me. Then I asked my friend the boss of Mejibrayism if she could find it and obviously she could because obviously she's better than me at finding pictures.

For this mani I used NYC black & white polishes (302 & 076 respectively), Essence 56 Princesses Rule! on top of the white, SpaRitual Hunk of Burnin' Love (80011) and Essence 121 Gold Fever lightly on top of the red.

And this would be the t-shirt of doom on a picture of Koichi with rare not-pink hair.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Rainbow french mani

Everytime I see Robin Moses doing rainbows I feel like doing rainbows. She always does them in this way, spearing the rainbowness accross all nails. They're so fun and happy. Plus I get to use a sponge, which I love doing.

rainbow arcoíris

The one above was included on my favourites post.

rainbow arcoíris

The second one is also shimmery. I honestly don't remember which nail polishes I used for any of these, so we'll try that next time.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (3)

Continuing the Koichi series started here.
Neon colours are definitely an acquired taste. I've hated them for the longest time, thought "meh" when I saw them on other people's nails. I only started liking them when I saw the gorgeous things Robin Moses did with this sort of colours. But I never wanted to buy neons myself until I saw this one manicure on Koichi.

neon cross and stars

neon cross and stars

Above, mine; below, Koichi's. You can see I changed the cross colour and put stars instead of studs. That would be because I have no studs right now :B The silver outline is Claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush thingie, and all my neon polishes are from a cheap brand called Yssy: 058 (orange), 084 (yellow) and 087 (green).

Koichi's neon nail art

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hearty Nails: Primadonna

As it happens, Jrock isn't the only sort of music that gives me ideas for nail art. Since I found Marina & The Diamonds, I've been sort of obsessed (the kind of obsessed where you just can't stop playing her music). I started listening to her from Electra Heart and then worked my way back her discography, to the point of hunting down her demos on YouTube, even.
When I did this design I wasn't really thinking of it, but once it was finished I realized it reminded me a lot of the imagery of Electra Heart, with the pastel colours and the bow on the head.

Marina & The Diamonds Primadonna nail art

This mani used quite some polishes so I'll list them once only, first the base colour then the bling tips (the french line was with Claire's silver 2 way nail art pen/brush, and the bows were acrylic white paint):

Thumb: H&MxHello Kitty Turqouise + Kiko 298
Index: Essence colour & go 86 A Lovely Secret + H&M Urban Spirit
Middle: H&MxHello Kitty Darling Pink + Claire's Anon
Ring: Kiko 356 + Kiko 237
Pinky: Franken + Kiko 274

Marina & The Diamonds

That's Marina, her Diamonds are her fans. Down here is the official music video for Primadonna, which was the first single for the Electra Heart album:

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (2)

Continuing the Anid-copies-Koichi series I started on my last post, today I bring you the second installment~
This time it's a free-ish interpretation of the design, with double accent nail, one of which I completely made up. But anyway Koichi kinda likes crowns, so it goes with the theme.

I did the outline in acrylic paint (my own mix for purple, since my only tubes of acrylic are black, white and primary colours). The rest is painted in normal polish, and with a toothpick if I remember correctly, because most days I'm just lazy to get my brushes dirty (because then I have to clean them).

purple hearts with a crown nail art

My hand above, Koichi's hands below. 

The nail polishes I used this time were my own light purple Franken as a base colour, Essence 58 The One and Only for the inside of the heart on the index finger, and Essence 02 Alice Had a Vision-Again (from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection -what a mouthful) for the decos of the rest of the nails.

Koichi's hearts nail art

Koichi's hearts nail art

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (1)


This Mr. bassist of this band called Mejibray. The pink haired one.
Everytime he posts pictures of his nails on his blog, I always feel like having the same on my nails.
Sometimes I do copy him. Like this time.

cow dalmatian print nail art

Above, my hand; below, Koichi's.

Koichi's cow dalmatian print nail art

The title says (1) because I have more for some other day.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hearty Nails: Nu goth / Pastel Goth

This is what I go to when I don't know what else to do on my hands. Something with crosses. It's not the best explanation but it is the truth.


Includes an accent nail because I now do accent nails by default. Because having all my nails the same is boring.


Nail polishes used in this design include that black one from NYC, Essence's white tip painter and my 3 favourite pastel colours from Kiko: 389, 356 and 376.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hearty Nails: AYABIE - Melody

(Read this entry on Tumblr)

These are old…
It’s AYABIE’s Yumehito’s Melody outfit nailified (?)!

AYABIE - Melody

The thumb is the jacket: blingy (although it can’t be seen on the pics) pink with blingy silvery details (look, it haz pocket and all!)
The index finger is the zebra-ish print on the jacket’s hood. And you can’t see it on the pics either, but this one’s matte.
Middle and ring fingers are the double print of the pants. They’re all creme finish colours (and notice that the ring and index fingers use the same colours XD). And yes, that’s a misplaced dot.
And the pinky is also blingy AND marbled, it’s the unicorn vomit tank top. I used too many colours to do a drag marble, and then put a sheer shimmer coat over it.

AYABIE - Melody

And what you can also see in the pics is my copy of the Melody single itself (Type B). Pity that Yume’s whole outfit can’t be seen.
So I added a picture of him so you could see the outfit better:


This is the music video for anyone interested, the B version with the scenes of a movie they participated in:

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hearty Nails: Flowers all over

This one doesn't need any explanation other than "inspired by Robin Moses". She made the video, I copied, only I changed it to purple and green. Also, I should mention I did this all with a toothpick, mostly because I'm lazy to get my brushes dirty sometimes. Most times, actually. Also should be mentioned that this design would look really pretty on short nails.

flower nail art

flower nail art

flower nail art

I did it long ago so I'm not sure anymore what colours I used, but the ones I remember are these:
Essence 58 The one and only (light purple flowers)
Claire's anon random mate (medium purple flowers)
Rimmel 406 Purple Addict (dark purple flowers)
Essence 43 Where's the party? (purple base)
H&M Hunt Me Down (green base)
H&M No Mambo Jambo (green flowers)
And I'm ALMOST sure that H&MxHello Kitty Turquoise and Kiko 389 are also green flower colours, plus a couple others that I don't remember anymore. I don't remember what the dot colours were either.

You can see the original tutorial here (includes Robin's magical brush cutting tutorial):

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hearty Nails: カラス - LASTICA inspired

Read this in English [here].
Esta misma manicura en DeviantArt [aquí].

Esta fue, yo creo, mi primera manicura inspirada por una banda.

Karasu - LASTICA

Empezó siendo simplemente unas ganas tremendas de hacer algo en blanco y negro, y después pasó a ser ganas de hacer algo "plumífero", porque el album art está todo lleno de plumas. En blanco y negro. Muy bonito y elegante en las fotos y tal, pero en las uñas no resulta muy fácil. Las plumas en realidad se convirtieron en esos blobs alargados raros, y el origen de los puntitos fue patosidad mía por apoyar el pincel donde no le tocaba. Luego puse más puntitos para disimular.
Los pintauñas usados fueron blanco y negro de Claire's, siempre compro el blanco y el negro de marcas baratas porque los uso tanto que no me merece la pena pagar más por ellos.
Podéis ver el vídeo aquí (que también tiene plumas):

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hearty Nails: Rosa de los vientos

Esta manicura la puse entre mis favoritas, así que si habéis visto ese post ya os sonará, pero tenía ganas de contar más cosas sobre ella. Me gusta explayarme cuando de manicuras se trata.

compass rose

compass rose

El color de base es uno parecido a mi piel (un franken), y sobre ese color empecé a "manchar" la manicura. Básicamente me manché el dedo de polvos de maquillaje (base, bronceador, sombras, todo cuela mientras sea polvo) de colores tierra, y simplemente apreté un poco (no mucho o se marcan las huellas digitales) en el esmalte que no estaba seco del todo. Esto es importante porque si el esmalte está recién dado lo único que haces es mancharte el dedo, y si está seco los polvos no se pegan, así que hay que encontrar el punto medio perfecto. Lo que buscaba con esto era darle un aspecto como de pergamino viejo, y seguro que hay alguna manera mejor de hacerlo, pero a mí esta me funcionó.
Después le di una capa (fina) de top coat para no manchar la pintura que iba a poner por encima, que es pintura acrílica. No soy muy genia con este tipo de pintura, y aún no estoy segura de si es por mis pinturas, por mis pinceles, o por mi mano, pero en este caso al menos no hice un desastre (lo he hecho en otros casos). Empecé pintando las rosas de los vientos en negro, para que después al poner los colores por encima, quedara un poquíiiito de borde. Y luego la top coat final, por supuesto.
La gracia era que todas las uñas tuvieran un diseño de rosa de los vientos distinta, pero la del pulgar parece una estrella rara...
El ancla del anular quedó un poco raquítica, pero bueno, todo lo de más de la manicura me gustó mucho ^-^

Y eso es todo por hoy, hasta otra manicura~

[Y yo que creía que esto  ya lo había publicado y voy y me lo encuentro en borradores =.="]

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hearty Nails: Glitter sandwich

This is a glitter sandwich manicure with a special appearance of Charlinsu.
I don’t really like glitter sandwiches (because I feel like covering up the bling is a bit pointless), but I happenned to purchase two polishes almost at the same time that made me want to try (because I wanted to try them both asap of course). The sheer polishes I chose for sandwiching are also bling because might as well cover the bling with more bling.

From the golden accent nail I learnt that there’s no point in doing glitter sandwich in all the same colours, contrasting colours are better. Which is why the rest of the fingers look better. The golden polishes are Essence 67 “make it golden" (the glitter) and Kiko 274 (the sheer) over a coat of orange they didn’t quite manage to cover up (Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen). The sheer green microglitter is Kiko 298 and the black glitter chunks come from Essence 01 Punk Royal from the Rebels collection. The white/black/silver details were added because I felt like the glitter sandwich on its own wasn’t enough for me.