Monday, 25 February 2013

Hearty Nails: Glitter sandwich

This is a glitter sandwich manicure with a special appearance of Charlinsu.
I don’t really like glitter sandwiches (because I feel like covering up the bling is a bit pointless), but I happenned to purchase two polishes almost at the same time that made me want to try (because I wanted to try them both asap of course). The sheer polishes I chose for sandwiching are also bling because might as well cover the bling with more bling.

From the golden accent nail I learnt that there’s no point in doing glitter sandwich in all the same colours, contrasting colours are better. Which is why the rest of the fingers look better. The golden polishes are Essence 67 “make it golden" (the glitter) and Kiko 274 (the sheer) over a coat of orange they didn’t quite manage to cover up (Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen). The sheer green microglitter is Kiko 298 and the black glitter chunks come from Essence 01 Punk Royal from the Rebels collection. The white/black/silver details were added because I felt like the glitter sandwich on its own wasn’t enough for me.

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