Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hearty Nails: Halloween 2012 ~extra~

This is the manicure I wore on the actual Halloween day:

Two crosses, two leopard print and one oversized french mani with filigree. I’m not that good with filigrees, I need some more practice. Flesh colour is a frankenpolish because I wanted something more opaque than the typical french mani polishes usually are. The black is NYC 302 and acrylic black paint in some points (like in the filigree). The silver base for the leopard print nails is Rimmel 239 Your Majesty, and the silver thingies on the ring finger were bought from the internet, but you could just cut out tin foil and it’d be the same really.

Black - NYC 302 (+ black acrylic paint)
Blue - Claire's Anon
Nude colour - Franken
Silver - Rimmel 239 Your Majesty

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