Monday, 20 May 2013

Hearty Nails: Flowers all over

This one doesn't need any explanation other than "inspired by Robin Moses". She made the video, I copied, only I changed it to purple and green. Also, I should mention I did this all with a toothpick, mostly because I'm lazy to get my brushes dirty sometimes. Most times, actually. Also should be mentioned that this design would look really pretty on short nails.

flower nail art

flower nail art

flower nail art

I did it long ago so I'm not sure anymore what colours I used, but the ones I remember are these:
Essence 58 The one and only (light purple flowers)
Claire's anon random mate (medium purple flowers)
Rimmel 406 Purple Addict (dark purple flowers)
Essence 43 Where's the party? (purple base)
H&M Hunt Me Down (green base)
H&M No Mambo Jambo (green flowers)
And I'm ALMOST sure that H&MxHello Kitty Turquoise and Kiko 389 are also green flower colours, plus a couple others that I don't remember anymore. I don't remember what the dot colours were either.

You can see the original tutorial here (includes Robin's magical brush cutting tutorial):


  1. eeee yo sigo a esta chica en tumblr xD debería mejorar un poco la calidad de las imágenes, pero los diseños mola muchomucho

    1. Robin dices? Esa mujer lleva haciendo uñas desde antes de qeu tú nacieras lol
      Y dijo que antes de comprar una cámara nueva tocaba una nevera nueva porque la que tiene ahora suena a pájaro (no preguntes).