Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hearty Nails: AYABIE - Melody

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These are old…
It’s AYABIE’s Yumehito’s Melody outfit nailified (?)!

AYABIE - Melody

The thumb is the jacket: blingy (although it can’t be seen on the pics) pink with blingy silvery details (look, it haz pocket and all!)
The index finger is the zebra-ish print on the jacket’s hood. And you can’t see it on the pics either, but this one’s matte.
Middle and ring fingers are the double print of the pants. They’re all creme finish colours (and notice that the ring and index fingers use the same colours XD). And yes, that’s a misplaced dot.
And the pinky is also blingy AND marbled, it’s the unicorn vomit tank top. I used too many colours to do a drag marble, and then put a sheer shimmer coat over it.

AYABIE - Melody

And what you can also see in the pics is my copy of the Melody single itself (Type B). Pity that Yume’s whole outfit can’t be seen.
So I added a picture of him so you could see the outfit better:


This is the music video for anyone interested, the B version with the scenes of a movie they participated in:

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