Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hearty Nails: Primadonna

As it happens, Jrock isn't the only sort of music that gives me ideas for nail art. Since I found Marina & The Diamonds, I've been sort of obsessed (the kind of obsessed where you just can't stop playing her music). I started listening to her from Electra Heart and then worked my way back her discography, to the point of hunting down her demos on YouTube, even.
When I did this design I wasn't really thinking of it, but once it was finished I realized it reminded me a lot of the imagery of Electra Heart, with the pastel colours and the bow on the head.

Marina & The Diamonds Primadonna nail art

This mani used quite some polishes so I'll list them once only, first the base colour then the bling tips (the french line was with Claire's silver 2 way nail art pen/brush, and the bows were acrylic white paint):

Thumb: H&MxHello Kitty Turqouise + Kiko 298
Index: Essence colour & go 86 A Lovely Secret + H&M Urban Spirit
Middle: H&MxHello Kitty Darling Pink + Claire's Anon
Ring: Kiko 356 + Kiko 237
Pinky: Franken + Kiko 274

Marina & The Diamonds

That's Marina, her Diamonds are her fans. Down here is the official music video for Primadonna, which was the first single for the Electra Heart album:

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