Monday, 29 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Mash of sponging

It's no secret that I love sponging.There is a number of ways in which to use sponges in nail art, from the smoothest gradients to more grainy ones. This one is a mash of random blobs of different polishes of the same colour family.

orange sponge gradient

Base: NYC white
Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 356
Kiko 281
Yssy 058
Essence 64 be optimistic!
Glitter outline: Yesensy Nº 88

pink sponge gradient

Did the same ages ago in pink too, though it didn't end up as nice that time.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Takeru in ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆


This one is very very easy but it's also not "inspired" but directly copied from what Takeru wore on his nails in that video. It's a simple ruffian manicure in black, red and bright pink.

SuG - ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆

SuG - ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆

The black polish is NYC 302, red is SpaRituals Hunk of Burnin' Love and pink is Essence 57 Love of Pink.

Below is the official music video for ☆ Gimme Gimme ☆:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (4)

Continuing the Koichi series started here
This time I didn't really copy his nails, but a t-shirt. I had seen him use this t-shirt sometimes and it got to my head so much I wanted the design on my nails. Then when I was painting my nails I couldn't find a picture of the t-shirt for the life of me. Then I asked my friend the boss of Mejibrayism if she could find it and obviously she could because obviously she's better than me at finding pictures.

For this mani I used NYC black & white polishes (302 & 076 respectively), Essence 56 Princesses Rule! on top of the white, SpaRitual Hunk of Burnin' Love (80011) and Essence 121 Gold Fever lightly on top of the red.

And this would be the t-shirt of doom on a picture of Koichi with rare not-pink hair.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Rainbow french mani

Everytime I see Robin Moses doing rainbows I feel like doing rainbows. She always does them in this way, spearing the rainbowness accross all nails. They're so fun and happy. Plus I get to use a sponge, which I love doing.

rainbow arcoíris

The one above was included on my favourites post.

rainbow arcoíris

The second one is also shimmery. I honestly don't remember which nail polishes I used for any of these, so we'll try that next time.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hearty Nails: Oh Koichi (3)

Continuing the Koichi series started here.
Neon colours are definitely an acquired taste. I've hated them for the longest time, thought "meh" when I saw them on other people's nails. I only started liking them when I saw the gorgeous things Robin Moses did with this sort of colours. But I never wanted to buy neons myself until I saw this one manicure on Koichi.

neon cross and stars

neon cross and stars

Above, mine; below, Koichi's. You can see I changed the cross colour and put stars instead of studs. That would be because I have no studs right now :B The silver outline is Claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush thingie, and all my neon polishes are from a cheap brand called Yssy: 058 (orange), 084 (yellow) and 087 (green).

Koichi's neon nail art