Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013 (last): Eye half moon

Last Halloween manicure of the year! Posting it barely on time but I've been busy murdering a pumpkin and making muffins with its insides. Hope you had a fun Halloween too!

Halloween Eyes half moon manicure

These were very inspired by how Melissa from The Daily Nail does half-moons.

Flormar 392 (on top of) Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
Essence white tip painter
Yssy 087
Sinful Colors Black on Black

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: Rainbow gradient + sparkle spiderweb

Third Halloween nail art of the year. Actually it was the first but I don't post them in order. Spiderwebs are a very common motive for Halloween, sometimes with better results than other times. I'm not entirely sure of the success of mine this time...(that's why I posted it after the other two I liked better). The gradient was done with the same sponges as this.

Rainbow gradient spiderweb nail art

Claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush silver
Sephora L16 curaçao
Essence 58 the one and only
Kiko 282 (pink)
Rimmel Lasting Finish 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 355 (yellow)
Kiko 296 (green)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: ghosties revamp

For Halloween 2012 I did a ghost nail art on an orange background, which you can see here. Well, this year I revamped it, better.

ghost halloween nail art

I added gravestones and crosses to make it better, because ghosts come from graveyards and stuff.

ghost halloween nail art

ghost halloween nail art

It's not as well drawn as it could be because I drew it with a toothpick, for a change...

Essence white tip painter
Kiko 356
Yssy 084
Flormar U33

Maybe next year I'll revamp it again LOL

Friday, 11 October 2013

Hearty Nails Halloween 2013: Candy Corn gradient

Hi. In case anyone didn't know what day/month they live in, this is October. For anyone new visiting the Internet, October automatically equals Halloween everywhere. Even though it's only really a US thing and on the rest of the world it's just an excuse for kids to dress up in costumes and grown-ups to get drunk, in costumes. But, on the Internet it's celebrated on the whole month (just like Christmas is celebrated through all of December). And since I like Halloween, to me it's an excuse to do themed nail designs. This one today is the simplest I've done/will do this year.

candy corn gradient for halloween

It's a candy corn coloured gradient. Except the french manicure is just normal, not gradient. I made the gradient with the makeup sponges I bought to share half with my friend Sara because we're cheapskates.

candy corn gradient for halloween

NYC White
Rimmel Lasting Finish 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko 355