Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hearty Nails: A9 Rainbows

Oh Alice Nine. The band that gets me back me every time I happen to lose interest in them. Every single time. As it happens, this past week two of my top three favourite bands have pretty much gone to hell (including the one that "helped" name this blog), so I've bounced back to the alices (this only sounds funny in Spanish) by myself.
This nail art is a really very old one, but the song it came from is still one of my faves.

Alice Nine Rainbows nail art

I've got a nail per member (or rather, their outfits): thumb for Nao (drums), index for Tora (left-side guitar), middle for Shou (vocals), ring for Hiroto (right-side guitar) and pinky for Saga (bass and totally my favourite member).

Alice Nine Rainbows nail art

NYC black & white
Stargazer 232 (chrome silver)
H&M x Hello Kitty Turqouise
Claire's Anon matte purple
can't-remember Red
Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
franken grey
H&M Hunt Me Down
Claire's Anon jelly green

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