Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hearty Nails: Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show

I refuse to let go of Halloween. I'm the one that watches Nightmare Before Christmas every year, for Halloween AND Christmas if I can.
This song (Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show), this band (SuG), this video (down at the bottom) was what made me start liking this pastel goth thing. When the album (Lollipop Kingdom) came out I got so obsessed the nail art came out practically on its own. In the video you can barely see the gravestones, I had to work with a few screen captures as reference. I also used pictures of the clothing line as reference. [1] [2] million$orchestra OHP

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

Ignore the paint on the thumb, I had a little accident.

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

More evidence of the paint accident. Also here you can see just how long my nails were back then.

SuG Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show nails

On the next post I'll put the details of what I painted as my "base" under the main designs, and the list of the things I used; this is what I used for the main designs:

thumb Y- black & white acrylic paint, Claire's Anon blue
index SuG-black acrylic, yellow franken
middle RIP-H&M x Hello Kitty darling Pink
ring YUM- Kiko 389
pinky cross- Kiko 356



  1. These look great -- I like the whole pastel goth idea!

    1. Thank you! I think it's quite clear by now that I like the concept a lot too X'D