Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hearty Nails: the originals

Today's the day. Today this band I've put so much effort and enthusiasm on (and I'm not even IN the band wtf) will be gone. Excuse the dramaing, but it frikin hurts. So here's my tribute, which isn't new, but it wasn't posted in here so yeah. There's one design for each member of the band and then another extra Rookie.

The first time I did Rookie I painted the design on the border thingies of his blog. [that's the screen of my old laptop with Vista HAHAHA that's how old this is]

Because I had started and planned to continue on doing the blog design border thingies for each of them, I tried to paint those tabasco bottles he had, but it was such a disaster that I gave up and drew his very own kaomoji instead.

For Toshi I did manage to draw the wheel that was his blog border thingie, but then I suddenly felt the need to add something extra out of nowhere (or if it came from somewhere I can't remember now) and I drew (or tried to anyway) a proper treasure chest, overflowing with gold coins and all.

Nimo had a skull with pearls in its mouth as his blog border thingie, but this is no ordinary skull, for this is William III. Which is what he named the prop skull he had on his microphone stand. For this one too I felt like I needed an accent nail, though you can barely even see it, but the ring finger skull has actual nail beads instead of just dots for the pearls.

And this is the redoing of the Rookie tribute, which came from (thumb) his hat, (index) his hair/headband under the hat, (middle) the same blog border thingie from the first time, (ring) his violin, and (pinky) his favourite way of wearing his own nails.

I know this wasn't my best blogpost but I'm not exactly in my best state of mind right now. Not only because THEY'RE GONE NOW, but also I'm actually feeling like I caught a cold today so that isn't helping. I'll leave links below to other places where I've posted these before, because I'm 100% sure my words were better there than they were here.

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