Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hearty Nails: Oh, Mejibray

Because it's not strictly "Oh, Koichi" if I include Tsuzuku. Now, I have sooo many old pictures (specifically, 13 drafts, which I know cos I just checked) to post still, but I really want to post these ones before the release actually gets old. That release being the "SM" single collection.
So, lemme show you.

Mejibray Vo. Tsuzuku

This is Tsuzuku, vocalist of the band, and he is sporting some black on red distressed kind of look (on his nails that is, the rest of the outfit is an entirely different story). Here's my recreation of it:

TZK on KILLING ME nail art

This was made with Kiko 362 as the red base and Sinful Colors Black on Black on top, following this method.

Mejibray Ba. Koichi

This is Koichi, the bassist to blame for all of these posts. At first I thought he was wearing distressed gold on white, but when I looked better I saw it wasn't actually, it's more like this:

Koichi KILLING ME nail art

I made this with Barry M Matt White (which is not matte or anything, it's a bit confusing, this name) and a nameless striper polish from Primark in a golden colour. The index finger looks slightly different; that's because I tried to do the full nail gold with Barry M Princess (from the textured collection) but the pinkiness showed up, so I put the Primark striper on top to make it more golden and less pinky. It would've been best if it had worked well on its own though, because painting a full nail with a striping brush is annoying at best.

It's very tempting to call these "Angel and Demon" or something of the sort because really, look at them, all opposite.
The pictures of the band members come from their blog banners, and I am using them from my friend at Seishinshougai, who took the pictures and prettified them with magic and photoshop.

And now in case you want it, the official spot for "SM":

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