Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hearty Music: UNiTE.

 Once upon a time, my top 3 favourite bands were Ayabie, A (エース), and UNiTE.
Then AYABIE (capslock, not the same) basically finished its self-destruction process, and A (エース) announced they were disbanding last April.
Disbandments are sadly a very common occurrence in the scene, one can only hope it doesn't happen to one's favourite bands. Eventually though, it tends to happen anyway.
So yeah, my top 3 was stripped of 2 bands and I was clinging on to the third for dear life. But then, the catastrophe happened.
Yukimi (drummer) revealed that the state of his back was not good at all, the band's current schedule was making it worse, and for health reasons he had to leave the band. His immediate future plans mainly consisted of treatment and healing.
Now, of course, one member leaving isn't the same as the whole band going, but it still hurts, especially if it's for health reasons (as opposed to the usual "musical differences").

Last week they announced that a new drummer would be joining the band, after they'd been drummerless (officially, I mean of course on concerts they'd have a support drummer) for a few months. They decided they simply couldn't be drumerless and chose a new guy to join them. This new guy, we have been assured, loves the band as much as the older members do, and he is also Yukimi-approved.
Today we finally saw his face for the first time. He's quite cute I have to say. I hope the general fandom likes him, because new members sometimes get shit from people and I wouldn't want that to happen.

As a welcoming celebration of the new guy (Sana he's called. I don't think I said it) I'm gonna tell you all the reasons why I love this band.

I first found out about then through Ameba's peta system (Ameba being a japanese blogging platform). Sometimes indie band members will go and give peta to people as some promotional help to make people notice them. I suppose that is the reason why LiN (left-side guitar) came out of I-never-knew-where and gave me peta. For some reason I got curious (doesn't always happen with promotional peta) and wanted to check his band out, but it so happened that they hadn't released anything at all yet. A few days later they released their first single and I quite liked it, though I didn't absolutely love it at first. But I still wanted to find out some more about these guys, so I went and stalked their twitters and blogs. To this day LiN remains my favourite member. I often wonder why, but I just seem to like the weird ones.
They grew fairly popular pretty quickly (that is to say, within the scene) and sold out quite a few things.
I once did a masterclass about them on LiveJournal just to try and get my Aussie friend into them. I succeeded.
They're on YouTube repeatedly. I think they had 2 different official band channels, both of them forgotten, they're on the channel of their label, Danger Crue Records, and both guitarists have their own (also forgotten) podcasts (though Mio's is on ustream rather than YouTube).
Their fans are called U's. The band's motto would be "-s m e h-", which stands for "smile makes everyone happy".
Speaking of smiles, Yui's gets the prettiest smile award. Guess that's part of why people call him "Charisma-san".
Still on Yui, he likes Glad News (clothing brand) so much that once he was trying new clothes on and his own clothes disappeared because the shop staff thought they were the shop's stock.
I didn't remember this before I checked the aforementioned LJ post but apparently once they were being trolled on twitter and both guitarists went and trolled the troll right back.
LiN gets the dorkiest idiot award. And I mean he's a right dork but sometimes he does such stupid things, like put makeup brushes up his nose, photoshop his face on a kangaroo or plank on the sinks of a public toilet (and I have photographic proof of all 3 examples) that I can't help but think "why is he such an idiot?".
Pretty much all of their outfits look like they raided a fabric store and played collage on themseves.

Oh rereading the LJ post and typing this up has made me kinda nostalgic (and just so you realise the ridiculousness of that sentence, this band is only 3 years old). I am now looking forward to getting to know Sana and his antics and his anecdotes and stuff. Hope they're good.

I'll just go now and leave you with the new video, REV:

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