Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hearty Nails Halloween 2014: the rainbow pumpkin patch

I'm afraid this year I haven't been able to go all out on Halloween like I did last year. However, the Pigg peeps (which is the only game I waste my time with, apart from Candy Crush) have, as usual, decorated everything. They do it every year, it would seem they like it as much as I do. This is why this year I was inspired by their decoration for my nails.

Once again I have forgotten which nail polishes I used for this, despite these not being old pictures, but the thing is I used quite a few. I'm sure at least 5 of the colours were from Kiko. Everything was drawn with a toothpick, hence some bits being wonky (though the mouth on the green pumpkin is like that on purpose). Then the top coat got angry at me and smudged some other bits, but that wasn't my fault or the toothpick's.

These (please excuse the lame picture) are the original pumpkins from the game. Actually these are all the pumpkins I've collected since I started playing the game.
(And look at that, I've actually managed to fulfill yesterday's promise. Ha, self)

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