Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hearty Music: a random love letter to UNiTE.

Funny, it's only been a few months since my first love letter to UNiTE. and I already feel like writing another one. It was sparked by their new video. And the fact that today was LiN's birthday. Which is why they showed the video today, of all days, of course.
It's funny because I follow a few bands that should be getting their own love letters here (and probably will in due time), but it seems like this band just gives me fuzzy feelings strong enough to come to the blog and talk.
This actually could work as a follow-up from the previous one.
The previous love letter happened when Sana had just joined the band. These days, Sana feels so much a part of the band that I sometimes forget he wasn't always there. Which in turn makes me feel bad for forgetting Yukimi.
Apart from the drummer, not much has changed.
Yui's smile still holds the prettiest smile award.
LiN's still the dorkiest idiot ever. And he's still my fave.
Their outfits still look like they raided a fabric store and played collage on themselves.
They're still spreading the -smeh-. That means Smile Makes Everyone Happy.
Their music still gives me warm fuzzy feelings of positivity and suchlike.

Sana appears to me as an apprentice of LiN. In the dorky idiot sense. Because they're similar in...uh...sense of humor? I guess? They also kinda sorta look alike. See evidence:

That's LiN on the left, and Sana on the right.
A friend of mine is convinced they're actually secretly brothers.
Further evidence of how similar they are appeared today, at LiN's birthday concert, when people actually confused Sana for LiN when he first got on stage. The fact that he was dressed up as LiN (they all always dress up as the birthday boy on their birthday concerts) is only partly to blame for this.

Sana's mere presence has brought in a good amount of fresh inside jokes, the most popular of which are the Sanaf and Kermit jokes. In fact, it was once admitted by himself, when asked "what do people say you look like?" he answered "frog, frog, Olaf, Gachapin, frog."

I took a bathroom break and promptly forgot whatever I was going to write next. Nice one, brain.

Anyway, LiN is saying he turned 44 today. In the past (for the longest time) he's said he was 42. I've never seen him say 43. Nice maths. Please note that I don't believe for a second that he's actually in his forties. I'd say early thirties at most.

So, the new video. It's for the new single, coming out next March. This single will include Sana's first song for UNiTE., so that's exciting.
I really like Marble. I think it could do without the electronicky bits, but there's not much of them so it's not a big complaint. The lyrics seem pretty simple, which is a nice change from LiN's and Mio's, because those two tend to get pretty weird sometimes (especially LiN omg he can be incomprehensible).
I like how they incorporated the colours on to the video too. They do this thing, that each of the band members is sort of assigned a colour: Yui is pink, LiN is orange, Mio is purple, Haku is green, and Sana is blue (Yukimi used to be a light blue, so the drummer's still blue but in a different shade). In the video, those random swirls of colour appear to each member in their own colour. And then they start blending into rainbow. Very pretty. I'm not sure what's with the giant eye and the glass balls but eh, whatever. I'm not good at finding the meaning of symbolism. If it even has a meaning at all, it might not, I don't know.
Oh, the video also reminded me of the amusing detail that Haku shares his friend Koichi's liking of going around barefoot. I have yet to find out if the third member of their bassist gang, Koudai from Royz, also shares this liking, but I'm not really into Royz so that's why I don't know.

Ok that's enough love letter, I'm hungry now and I need my daily dose of chocolate.
I'll leave you with the video:

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