Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hearty Nails: rainbow glitteriness

Ah, isn't it lovely when it's winter and the sky is grey and you can't take any pictures because there's no light. It's a fact that if you try to take blog pictures with natural light in winter it will only lead to bad pictures and frustration.
Which is a long and lame way of saying this is a very old manicure.
It has been sitting on my drafts for forever and a half, but I maintained the original title because honestly I suck at titling and I can't think of a better one.

If you have seen a bunch of my manis you will know that I like sponging. It's easy and fun: take a sponge, splotch and pat, there's no way of doing it wrong. Unless you consider the way the ring finger is unblended wrong, in which case yes there is, but I don't remember it bothering me at the time.
The white dots were an afterthought of sorts, and I'm still not convinced about them.

Here's the full list of colors used:
NYC white
claire's 2 way nail art pen/brush silver
Kiko pink 282
Kiko green 296
Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen
Kiko (pastel) pink 376
Kiko (pastel) green 389
Kiko (pastel) orange 356

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