Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hearty Offtopic: The Chronicles of Laptopless Anid

So you may be wondering if I abandoned ship and let the blog die. Not quite what happened. What happened since I last wrote here was...let's list:
-I was running out of time to finish my TEFL course because sometimes I'm the worst procrastinating idiot there is, so I had to focus on that. I finished it on time and got my certificate.
-I started getting my driver's license. The start of my theory learning ate my brain a bit. I have now passed my theory exam and I'm waiting to start the practice lessons.
-My laptop had a crisis on his cooling fan. Or it would be more accurate to say that the cooling fan completely died. Laptop was gone to PC hospital for about three weeks, and that took long because it had to be sent to the brand (and then obviously sent back once fixed) and because my dear laptop had the nerve to break down right on holiday week.
-And since my parents were away on that holiday week, the sheer boredom nearly drove me mad. Because I count on my laptop for entertainment, and the things I can do on my Dumbphone are really rather limited.

As a way to stop myself from being so bored, and also to stop my brain from smushing days together, I started using my agenda as a sort of diary. This is something I've tried before, many times, and failed all of them, because I'm just not made for keeping diaries apparently. But for a few days, I did manage to write some stuff, which I am now calling the Chronicles of Laptopless Anid.
And so it happened, that the same day I finished the TEFL course, Alice Nine made their comeback announcements, which were a lot. And I mean a lot as in there was so much stuff that when talking to a friend we realized we'd missed a different piece of info each. Part of what they were announcing was the crowdfunding project to pay for the expenses of the new mini-album which will be out in August. Well it turns out they didn't just meet the goal of the project, they doubled the amount of money they were aiming for. Awesome news.

Another thing I did was writing a giant essay on Tengwar. That, if you don't know, is a writing system. An elvish writing system. Of the elves of Tolkien. I did this for a friend, I don't just randomly write essays about elvish stuff.

Ah, during this time I also experimented with making my nails almond shaped, which meant I had them longer than ever, and because of that when writing on the phone I couldn't stop making typos. This led to the discovery that the pen they gave me at driving school (you know those promo pens they just give you in places) is actually a touchpad pen, so that was a greatly exciting discovery.
By the way, I have decided almond shaped nail aren't my thing, so my nails are currently very short and will be back to squareish when they grow a bit.

One laptopless day, I got so bored I actually dared go and use old Computersaurus. My brother and I haven't used Computersaurus since we first got our laptops, and it sort of randomly became my father's computer. Not that he uses it much. The thing is, whenever you open internet in there, it will freeze every three seconds, hence my use of the word "dare" up there. I discovered a few interesting things. Computersaurus doesn't have MS Paint, or (gasp) Minesweeper, but it does have Gimp. That was good enough for me to draw a couple of emotes out of boredom. But then I tried to email it to myself (innocently thinking it would be quicker than putting it on a flashdrive), and Chrome froze no less than three times just while I was trying to log into my email account.
Then that night, after watching my brother battle the rubber gloves to do the dishes (which was hilarious) we watched the FFVII movie, Advent Children. We'd both seen it before, but he's played all the games and I haven't, so he explained to me all the plot I was missing (which was about 70% of it). After the DVD finished he went to bed, but I stayed watching an episode of Castle, which is unusual because 1) I don't even watch Castle and 2) I wasn't even actually interested in watching the episode. But I turned the TV off on a commercial break and realised I wanted to see the end of the episode, so I turned it back on. This was a mistake, it was a horrible cliffhanger and now I want to know what happens next. I wrote down that I need to find out what episode/season that was, but I haven't done it yet oops. Still, it turned out to be a great lesson in storytelling, this was a great lesson in the use of "raise the stakes".

The next day I went on a Wiki research trip. On Computersaurus. Turns out Computersaurus is cool with Wiki but not with Yahoo mail.
The next day was Saturday, and my brother and I ate nothing but crap food all day, and it was great (promise, the other days we actually ate proper food). Then at night I randomly stayed up until 2am watching CSI when I REALLY wasn't interested in it. On Sunday morning I realized just how mad with boredom being laptopless was making me. The CSI thing had a lot to do with that realization to be honest.
Ah, and just as I say we ate proper food I see written on Sunday that we had leftovers for dinner. My brother's name for his plate was "Day 5: zombies are still keeping siege to the bunker. We are running out of food..."

Ok that's all the remotely interesting stuff that was written on the agenda. I shall now tell you what I have planned to write on this blog in the following weeks.

-An updated nail polish collection post.
-A lip product collection post, which came out of a conversation with a friend.
-A nail art post, and I mean a specific one that I drew inspired by the artwork of a friend. This is a different friend from the lipstick-convo-friend. The lipstick-convo-friend was the same friend as the Tengwar-essay-friend.
-I also have Cinder and Fairest bought and on the way here right now, so I expect I'll be super excited about Fairest and write about it.
-Oh, and a love letter to Mejibray.

I said weeks, but this is a lot of stuff, knowing me it might become three months' worth of blogposts wtf.

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