Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hearty Nails: The night sky in fluffy candyland

So, I have a friend, who's an artist. She draws, she paints. She makes beautiful stuff. Some of the stuff she makes makes me feel like I want to put it on my nails. I am fully aware that it'll be prettier the way she did it, but I still want to try. Maybe I'll learn something while I'm at it too. For example, from this I learnt that I really really need more practice with lines. Straight lines, curved lines, just lines in general.

Since the original is monochromatic, all the colour decisions were mine. I should point out I didn't mean for it to look like marshmallows or anything, but it really does. I am OK with that. I'm not yet sure of Kii's opinion on that fact. To be honest I've been a bit scared of showing this to her because what if she doesn't like it, what if she disagrees with my choice of colours? But I also promised her I'd show it so here I am.

This was her original drawing. It has no title, because she doesn't title everything she does. You can see her lines are much neater than mine. Which means I need more practice.

And now, on Kii's advice, I shall go frolic with pandas in the meadows under the night sky in Fluffly Candyland. Goodbye.

Update: she liked it.

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