Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hearty Nails: Mejibray Eiki inspired

You may or may not be aware that under my "Jrock inspired" category of nail art, there's a specific band that appears pretty often called Mejibray. This is mostly due to my habit of copying Koichi's nails. Today I am not bringing you a Koichi nail reproduction. I am in fact bringing you the nailification of Tsuzuku's Eiki outfit.
Now, it's not the first time I've done a nailification of an outfit, not even the first time I've nailified a Mejibray outfit, but that last one has never been posted on this blog for some reason, so you can find it here.
Eiki is the band's latest single, it came out this month. I could make this a love letter to the band, but let's just keep this centered around the nails and leave the loving for another post.

The first thing you'll notice is that my fingers are painted black. Why are my fingers painted black, you wonder. Because he painted his black, as you will see if you watch the music video below. Since he said their outfits will now also be part of the Conceptual Puzzle, I'm sure it means something. I don't know what yet (though obviously I have my theory), but we'll find out eventually. Probably.
Now, if you're wondering what each nail is supposed to correspond to, here it is: the thumb is meant to be the pointy shoulder part, the index is the collar part with the zipper down the vest, the middle finger is the corset-like arm parts, the ring finger is the bare back with the net shirt, and the butterfly tattoo, and then the pinky is just random studding.

Details. It was all done in this:
SpaRitual Hunk of Burnin' Love(Red)
Skin-like nail polish that I mixed myself
BarryM Foil Effects 320 (Gold)
Stargazer 232 (Silver, only on the zipper bit)
NYC 302 (Black, for the butterfly, which was stamped with a brandless plate)
Black acrylic paint, very watered down (for the netting)
Gold hexagonal glitter.
A toothpick (to draw the gold details in....which is why the corset-type lace-up looks wonky)
Maybelline black gel eyeliner (if you were wondering what I used to make my fingers black).

I will leave you with the music video.....and the warning that it's pretty nsfw (or as someone I know would say, "this is not good for my health"):

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