Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hearty Nails: venoms

"What?" You think, "Another Mejibray inspired nail art? This girl is obsessed!"
you're not wrong.

The band recently celebrated their 4th anniversary. The poster you can see here was part of it. As you can guess, the image of the poster tingled my nail artsing senses. It did it all on its own, but it did it even more so after Koichi nailartsed it himself. You can see that here.

My take on it is exactly the kind of nail art that's better seen from the distance. Honestly, I see so many flaws on these macro pictures that I couldn't see just with my eyes, it's not even funny. And mind you, I have good eyesight.

The base colour was a flesh colour I frankened ages ago. The rest was done in acrylic paint.

The central fingers. If the original was already a zombie pegasus unicorn, mine is even more zombiefied by my inability to draw a horse head, and the overdrooling. Because apparently zombie pegasus unicorns drool black. I don't even know.
I will also say that my available acrylic paint colours are limited, and I didn't think I would be able to mix the light minty blue and the pistachio green colours. But I could, so that was cool.


Yeah, that's a pill with wings. It comes after you if you forget to take your meds.

That's all for today, bye~

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