Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hearty Nails: Halloween 2015

Long time no see. Three things have happened at the same time:
1) I'm a massive procrastinator. This isn't new but still.
2) My camera decided to not turn on at all. I'm currently surviving on the nice new camera on my nice new phone.
3) School started (...last month) and it honestly has me braindead in the evenings.

This has resulted in two things:
1) I can't NaNo this year (I have the time, I just don't have the brainpower).
2) I'm so late to post everything here. There's a book review that's been waiting for a month to get done.

Anyway, the school I mentioned is in fact Beauty School. Yeah, I've gone to the dark side (?). So in the spirit of improving my nail game (and let's be honest, impressing people at school), I decided to redo a nail design I'd done before. Twice. You may want to see this post where I first did it. And then this post where I redid it. Funny how I ended that post saying "maybe I'll revamp it again next year". It took me two years in fact, but I have made it quite a lot better.

The base colour was done with the saran wrap technique, mixing the following colours:
-Yssy 058
-BarryM Mango
-Kiko 356
-Kiko 355
Over that, it's all acrylic paint.

I then did another design, inspired by random pictures of pretty stained glass:

This one was done completely in acrylic paints, and it took SO LONG. But it was worth it. I started faintly outlining the pumpkin shapes with black acrylic, and then made random lines for the background blue, and then put the colour over that, taking care not to put the same shades next to each other. Well, at the beginning. Then I just thought I don't have enough shades for that, and ended up putting several little spaces coloured in the same shade next to each other. And then I painted the lines with black again, because obviously the colouring had covered most of them.

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