Monday, 16 May 2016

Hearty nails: Birthday card nails

So, I have this friend from Australia, right (Hi, Hika!). We met online back when LiveJournal was still alive.
She sends me a card for my birthday every year (and Xmas). I send her letters because the choice of cards around here isn't great (though I managed a nice Xmas card this year).
This birthday card was sent like two or three years ago. Maybe. I realise there's no picture of the actual card but now I'd have to look for it (I'm sure it's somewhere in the room but fuck knows where).
Anyway, here you go, pics:

It was drawn with one of those two-way pens with a long striping brush, and also tape to help with the straight lines. And yes, if you were wondering, this was also an old pic post. Bye.

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