Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hearty Nails: Tatsuhi on Timeland

There was once a band called Zoro. That band is no more. This beginning could get a couple of people I know bawling just like that.
I have mentioned in the past at some point that disbandments in the vk scene are a rather common occurrence, unfortunately. That's what happened here.
It happened a while ago, too, and this picture has been sitting in my drafts since before they disbanded so that says something (not good) about my posting speed. Oops.

I believe I actually managed to accidentally write "sex" on one finger lol. I swear it was an accident, the point of this was random letters and numbers.

Polishes used:
NYC black & white
H&M x Hello Kitty Turqouise
Kiko 281
Deborah Unlimited Colours Nº1

And here you can see the video in which he wore this outfit. Do excuse the rubbish quality, it's a very old video. Old by internet standards anyway.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hearty Nails: Poupée inspired

So a while ago now, there was a game I used to play. It was called PoupéeGirl. Do you remember those paper dolls you cut out and cut out clothes for and hung them on the paper dolls? It was like that, but in digital form. The game is now defunct, but it was fun while it lasted. They had some awesome clothing, and at one point I was legitimately jealous of the closet of my digital paper doll. Yes, seriously.

This nail art was inspired by a skirt. Not all clothes were as busy as this skirt, mind you, this was a sort of candy costume of some sort. I think.

Polishes used:
NYC white
Essence 57 Love of Pink
Kiko 389 (mint) & 376 (pink)
Essence 86 a lovely secret

Here you can see where I got the inspiration from, the ridiculously busy printed candy costume skirt.