Monday, 15 August 2016

Hearty Nails: Summer Galaxies

You may (or may not) remember how back in April I started a four-part series consisting of four galaxy designs each inspired by a season. The Spring design I did back in April (here, if you want to see) was inspired by a pen, and done in pastel and neon pastel polishes (which, yes, neon pastel or pastel neon is a Thing that exists). This Summer design is not inspired by any object in particular, though it might vaguely resemble a tie dye t-shirt or something.

Summer galaxy nail art

You may notice the background doesn't look particularly white. It was meant to be white. Sometimes I have trouble with my lighting. And then have to fix it on Photoshop.

Summer galaxy nail art

There was also another problem with this design, and it was the neon orange polish. It simply refused to open. I still haven't managed to open it, stubborn ass of a polish. So any orange that you see in the design is actually made by sponging neon yellow over the neon pink. It's a very handy thing neons do.
Another thing worth mentioning is that unlike most other pictures, my nails are more oval shaped here. That is because sometimes I get bored and like to experiment with changing the shape of my nails, but I always end up going back to squoval (or, you know, rounded square) because it's the most comfortable for me.

Summer galaxy nail art

Products used:
-Sponge (not a makeup sponge this time).
-Dotting tool.
-BarryM Matt White (confusingly enough, not matte)
-Easy Paris nº 48 (I think, maybe. The writing is half rubbed off so I can barely see)(neon pink)
-Yssy nº 084 (neon yellow)
-Kiko nº 247 (glittery pink)
-Anon [b]asic from the Clarel own line (sheer golden shimmer)

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