Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hearty Nails: Yellow flowers

Hello everyone! There is a small announcement today: I will be changing the appearance of the blog very soon. You may or may not be excited about that (probably not) but I sure am.

Today's nail art is sponsored by my lack of variety when drawing flowers. I wanted to practise some different flowers, because I always go to easy roses or dot-flowers when I think of any kind of flower. 

I think this was actually a poor attempt at daffodils. I painted a white creme base, which I don't remember what polish it was because I currently have 3 different creme white polishes (...yeah, I know). Then I sponged some green for texture and did some green lines as stems, in a waterfall-y style. Then went the flower heads, where you can see my absolute lack of painting skill (perspective? what perspective?). The colour was all done in acrylic paints, then topped with a matte topcoat (which I also don't remember because I have...also 3 of them).

That's all for today~ See you soon with a new look~

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