Monday, 31 October 2016

Hearty Nails: Halloween 2016 Snippet The Wound

Don't worry, it was new moon yesterday, you're safe from werewolves.

Funny enough, when I had just done this I saw ClaraHNails posting a very similar one on her IG Stories. Though I imagine hers was probably done in gels or acrylic, as that's what she usually does.
Mine is done all in polishes, in a very smart way similar to something I saw The Daily Nail do ages ago. I painted a coat of black first then two different reds, because they have different undertones so I thought it'd be good to use both, then a flesh colour, and then a fat coat of quick dry top coat. Before it dried properly, I took a toothpick and cut three slashes, but since they looked too even, I had to play with the toothpick on the edges a bit to make it look better. Then I thought it needed more red, so I added a tiny bit to the edges, with the toothpick. And then I did NOT top coat it because it would've ruined the texture.

I used:
Sinful Colors Black on Black
SpaRitual Hunk of Burnin' Love
Kiko 362
Uñikas nº 22
Sally Hansen Insta-dri

'Tis but a scratch.

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