Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hearty Nails: autumn galaxy

Whoopsie Daisy~ Nearly let the whole month go without updating. In fact, nearly let the whole of autumn go without posting the autumn galaxies for my seasonal galaxy self-challenge. Bad blogger.
You can find the first bit of the challenge here (Spring), and the second here (Summer). And now we're on to the third. Only one left, hopefully to be done AND posted in December before the year ends.

I mean of course it had to be rusty colours, what else could it be.

Stuffs used:
·D'orleac nail hardener (base coat)
·Barry M Matt White (always a white base colour for sponging)
·Pale Yellow Frankenpolish (ie, mixed by myself)
·Barry M Mediterranean
·Barry M Mango
·Two [b]asic brand polishes with no names (a fine shimmery gold topper and a dark reddish brown)
·L'oreal Star Magnet in "purple" (which is definitely dark red and not purple at all)
·YSNY 053
·Kiko 237
·Essence "be optimistic!"
·Sally Hansen Insta-dry (top coat)

Yes, that is A Lot Of Things. Also, I rarely note down what I use for base/top coat, so that was a bonus for you.

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