Thursday, 2 February 2017

Hearty Nails: Winter Galaxies

And so we have come to the end of my seasonal galaxy nail art self-challenge. That is quite a mouthful.
Here, you can see my previous posts in the challenge: Spring, Summer and Autumn. Today we have Winter.

winter galaxy nail art
 You may notice the index finger looks a bit strange. It's just fatter and more ball-y because it broke and I reconstructed it with acrylic powder, which was in fact my first ever acrylic nail on a real hand (as opposed to the practice fake hand).
You can see the pre-polish result here on my Instagram.

winter galaxy nail art

I knew I wanted it in blues, and I wanted it glittery. Clearly the glitter part was a success, seeing as the shine looks almost metallic in the pictures, but I would've preferred if it had turned out a lighter blue. It should also have had a bit more contrast with the purple tones, but somehow the purple got relegated to peeking underneath on the borders of the nails, which is not cool. I got a bit carried away with that dark blue oops.

winter galaxy nail art - thumb

Material used:
-D'Orleac base coat
-Uñikas nº 23 white
-Essence "Alice had a vision-again" (from ye olde Twilight limited edition)
-Seventeen "Navy Glint" (this is the one that I got carried away with)
-Rimmel "Purple Addict"
-Miss Sporty 344
-Wynie 806
-Wynie 003
-Essence "a lovely secret"
-Essence "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" (from the Cinderella limited edition)
-NYC raindrop
-Primark anon (a glitter)
-[b]asic anon (also a glitter)
-H&M Urban Spirit
-Nº7 In The Stars
-Max Factor Extra Frost
-Essence "better than gel nails" top coat.

It's a lot of stuff and funnily most of them are glitters.
Now let's see what I come up with next...

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